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Free Pregnancy Tests & Ultrasounds

We offer free pregnancy tests and limited 4D obstetrical ultrasounds, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Pregnancy Option Education

Unplanned pregnancy? Don’t rush into any decision without making a fully informed decision.

Medical Care & Consultation

We offer free, quality professional medical care and confidential consultation

Free Counseling

Peer counseling to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support for women in unwanted pregnancies

Community Referrals

We can help you navigate resources for Medicaid, adoption, housing, and other needs.

Health/Fertility Awareness

Empowering reproductive health and “Go Green” family planning education to avoid or achieve pregnancy.

Healthy Options & Parenting Education

Our H.O.P.E. classes cover a wide variety of topics, such as healthy relationships and caring for your children.

Pregnancy Loss Support

We offer loving, confidential, non-judgmental care in time of pregnancy loss from miscarriage or abortion.

Call now for a free, confidential appointment: 915-544-9600